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Wondering why you should buy jigsaw puzzles from VWE?

Consider this.

1. You Get Fast Turnaround

We have streamlined our process over years to be able to confidently offer this to you, but it's very important you stay in touch with us during the creation process in order to ensure this.  Upon customer approval of final product, the product will then be manufactured and shipped within two weeks, even during the holiday season. Larger orders may take longer, so the sooner you contact us to do a large job or a job with special requirements, the more room there is for creative juices to flow and to quickly overcome snafus to get your puzzles to your door. Searching for a long time American small cash broker? Instant payday loans - one day response - immediate money transfer presents trusty offer in payday loans market.

2. You Get a Money-Back Guarantee

When you buy jigsaw puzzles from VWE, satisfaction is guaranteed or you may return the product and your money – less shipping costs – will be refunded.

3. You Get Free Shipping...

...if your purchase totals $75 or more (not including tax and shipping).

4. You Get Price Matching

If you can find someone else who will do the EXACT same job for less, tell us. We will review the other offer and in many case, we will offer you the same price - but we bet you WAY better quality of work. If the other offer is something we deem to be beyond a reasonable offer and we find that even we couldn't do it for that price, then we will happily send you to the competitor and ask that you let us know how it went.

5. You Get a Date Reminder Service

Why try to remember when we can do that for you? You don't even have to be a member of our loyalty prgram to reap some of this benefit. It's quick and easy to sign up and let us be your memory!

6. We Reward Loyalty

Through our Puzzler and Referral programs, we say thank you just for being a part of our community. What we do changes from time to time so subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know what we are doing. (Don't worry. You can choose how often you hear from us.) Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to find out what's going on day to day, and be sure to keep your newsletter profile up to date so we can contact you when we just want to say thanks!

7. We Remember the Business Owners

We have special pricing we'd like to offer you to create with us or to resell. But you have to contact us directly for that bit of information. Proof of business ownership required.

8. What You See Isn't All You Get

We have a lot of puzzle sizes available and some shapes too. If you haven't seen our prices yet, visit our Photo Jigsaw Puzzles page to see what's readily available. For special orders in larger quantities, additional shapes, sizes and piece counts are available. The minimum quantity for special orders is 250 puzzles for all available sizes EXCEPT the 2x2, 4-piece puzzle. Minimum order for this size is 500 puzzles. Our custom puzzles are generally packaged unassembled, in baggies within tins or boxes. Special orders can be unassembled in an individual baggie alone OR assembled and shrinkwrapped. We even offer envelopes as an alternative. Pricing for special orders will be quoted on an individual basis.

Yes, we do shapes too! So don't assume...ask! We may be able to do what you need. We may already have it in the works. Usually, the packaging we offer to a client is specific to their project so you see, it's easier to just contact us to let us give you your own individual quote within 48 business hours.

9. You're An Original

So why not use original artwork in our puzzles? We do! You are unique and want to do things in a unique way. Jigsaw puzzles give you that flexibility. All you need is a little imaginations and if you don't have that, try us! We have plenty to go around! We can personalize everything we do and we love putting that special touch on the puzzles we create for our clients. Your job is our top priority every time and we treat each new puzzle as if it were our own. Nothing goes to the client unless we love it. It's what we would do for ourselves and so we do that for you.

10. We're The American Dream

Why buy jigsaw puzzles from Village Works? Because we are the American Dream! We are a 100% woman-owned business. We are moms. We are Christians and we share our faith through our ethical business practices. In other words, we look like a lot of our customers and we think like you too, so we want to do for you as we would do for ourselves. Our product is entirely made in the USA where we work with a variety of artists at all levels. We love to promote them by using the art they create for us and only us. And we have a philosophy of giving back so you will find we support different charitable organizations from time to time. You can learn more about us by visiting our About VWE page to see what else we have in common!


Camp Firefly

Camp Firefly is a week-long retreat for terminally and seriously ill children and their families. It is a place where kids can be kids and parents can be parents and put all of the hospital and doctor stuff aside for just a little bit. You can read more about this special organization by visiting 

Still doesn't answer your question of why buy jigsaw puzzles from us? Is there something you are wondering and don't know where to look? Just drop us an email and we'll get back to you right away!

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