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Stand out from the crowd!

Greeting card jigsaw puzzles and custom jigsaw puzzles are fun and unique. Whether you want to sell our pre-designed puzzles or create something just for your organization, it is easy to raise money with these eye-catching puzzles.They are memorable and last much longer than typical greeting cards. They are a card and a gift in one!

Read more here and then contact us today for details.

Retail and Fundraising

Use puzzles for fundraising!Fundraising can be fun yet challenging. Do something new and unique. You can even create your own special puzzle to sell. Contact us today for an easy fundraising program that is fun and profitable.
Become a Teen Sales Rep.Teens need money. School activities, proms, personal needs - there are usually more things to do than money available to do it. Raise your own cash by becoming a teen sales representative of Village Works. (Parents' permission required.) If you are 16-19 years-old and have the drive to make your own money, we want to hear from you!
Just for StoreownersOur puzzles are available for sale in your store or on your website. We can even create a special puzzle to add to your product line or to help market your business. REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO ACCESS THIS SECTION.
Fundraising with Puzzles
Fundraising FAQsCommon questions and concerns about using jigsaw puzzles for fundraising
Teen Sales Program
Just for StoreownersFirst-time users must register using the Registration link above.
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