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Fundraising FAQs

1. Puzzles? For fundraising?

Uh, yeah! The beauty of using puzzles is it's not a common item so your fundraiser will stand out from the pack. Jigsaw puzzles are a quantity business - the more you sell, the better the production prices will be and the more money you raise for your fundraising goal!


2. How does it work?

We keep it simple. We create an online order form with an easy to remember url that you can share electronically with whomever you please. We even promote your fundraiser to our Village Works community. In addition to the online form, we create order materials that you and the members of your group can print out to take orders by hand or we can even print the materials for you. You can choose to sell puzzles we have already created or create your own for a truly specialized fundraiser. 


3. What prizes do you offer?

In our experience, the goal here is to raise money so instead of using any of the funds for trinkets, we want YOU to meet your goal.


4. Who sells better? Kids or adult?

Both! Actually the best seller is a motivated seller who truly LIKES the product. Motivation knows no age limits but motivation isn't enough. To reach your fundraising goal, you have to introduce others to your product and ask for the sale. Talk to:

  • friends
  • family members
  • co-workers
  • neighbors
  • church members
  • social groups
  • anywhere and everywhere that's part of your natural course of travel.


5. We've never run a fundraiser before. Can you offer any tips?

We are in the process of doing just that. Stay tuned!


6. How do we get started!

Just use our contact form to tell us pertinent information - your organization, fundraising goals, dates, types of puzzles you'd like to sell, how you'd like to sell them - and we'll get started personalizing your fundraising materials. 

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